Pink Amethyst Tower

Pink Amethyst Tower (155 grams and 3” tall). 

This is the exact crystal you will receive.

Pink Amethyst is a variation of quartz crystal composed of silicon dioxide mixed with traces of iron. The beautiful pink color comes from hints of hematite and a higher iron content found in the quartz. This is an entirely different chemical composition when compared to a crystal like rose quartz which contains manganese and titanium. The points on Pink Amethyst are expressed as pink, salmon, rose, lavender and lilac.

In terms of healing properties, Pink Amethyst offers the same loving vibration of Amethyst, with an additional emphasis on inner peace, healing and love. The energy that Pink Amethyst gives off is such a soothing and calming feeling which helps with healing, stress and energy blocks within.

When you hold Pink Amethyst against your heart, you might suddenly have vibrant feelings of peace, love and healing. Surrender to this energy and feel this energy rise up the body into your third eye and crown chakra. Surrender to love and let the feelings of love bliss raise your vibration.

 May you be blessed with Light, Life & Love,


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