Big Amethyst Heart Carving

Big Amethyst Heart Carving. 454 grams and 4.34” wide. Comes with acrylic stand. 

Amethyst is a beloved gemstone for its calming and soothing energy, as well as its beautiful purple hue. This crystal is connected to the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, making it a powerful tool for enhancing intuition and spiritual awareness. It is also associated with the astrological sign of Pisces, making it an excellent choice for those born under this sign who wish to harness its benefits.

The metaphysical properties of Amethyst are believed to promote a wide range of healing benefits. It is said to help ease stress and anxiety, as well as promote restful sleep. Amethyst can also help individuals access higher states of consciousness and strengthen their psychic abilities.

Its calming energy can also assist with overcoming addictive behaviors and negative thought patterns, making it a popular choice for those seeking to improve their mental and emotional wellbeing.

Overall, Amethyst is a versatile and powerful crystal with a range of metaphysical and healing benefits. Its connection to the Third Eye and Crown Chakras makes it a particularly useful tool for expanding spiritual awareness and intuition, while its soothing energy can aid in physical and emotional healing.

Please note: these are natural crystals with surface marks, small chips, pits, inclusions, fissures, vugs and druzy which adds to the character of the crystal. We do our best to capture them in a photo, but they may not show up properly. Please contact us prior to your purchase if you have questions or require more pictures.